Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Spinal Fusion post Operative Procedure

Spinal Fusion post Operative Procedure
Yes I was scared of surgery.  As the anesthesia went into my vein, I could feel it right away.  Next thing I knew there was a lump on my back but I also noticed that the pain running down my legs was gone.  I don't usually have high blood pressure but it dropped really low during surgery and a cardiologist was brought in.  Close but didn't go all the way into the danger zone.  All clear and nothing wrong with my heart. 

My throat was sore from what ever they shoved down there during surgery.
I vomited twice that first day and it was only popsicle and yogurt (and pills).

I had a pastoral minister visit both days but refused Holy Communion the first day because of the vomiting.  We had a nice prayer instead.   Saturday morning was a little better.

Alan drove me  home from the hospital on Saturday about 12:30PM.  I was given comfort pillows for the ride home which really helped.  I don't know what I'd do without my mechanical bed I got last September as a birthday present to myself.

My orders were no repetitive BLT (Bending-Lifting-Twisting) which seems like something I have difficulty with anyway.   Everything I lift seems twice as heavy as before. 
I flipped the calendar over to May and my calendar seemed heavy.  I got fresh clothes off the hanger and that was heavy.  It's important too because the screws and spacers need to become one with me lest this all be a waste of time. The doctor's skills will NOT BE WASTED HERE!

I had a little trouble getting my prescription. County market pharmacy is closed on Saturday. Alan got my prescription at Walgreens but they did not recognize my military ID for Tricare at first. I have older style without some scan feature but still good till Aug 2018.

The robin eggs that had nested in my wall basket had hatched while I  was away.  Son sent me this photo so I could see.
Monday I didn't make it to the toilet in time and Sean had a clean up on isle 1.  He could not find key to garage side door so he had to use the garage door opener in my car to get in for a mop. 
Well I needed to change anyway clothes anyway because I had been wearing the same since I came home from the hospital.  Then he helped me wash my hair in the kitchen sink.  Larry (AKA Gen Grant and wife) and Rita Wherline brought us dinner, lots of chicken and dumplings, some green beans and jello salad.  Yum.
Facebook gave me a look to the outside world.  I got to see a lot of friends prom photos this weekend and a lot of photos of rain flooding.

Monday I got a call from the nurse that "Memorial Home Medics" was not covered by Tricare so they arranged "Great Lakes".

Ahhh the miracle of the bowel movement Tuesday morning.  I knew I was full of shit but I had little to eat the last few days also.  I think I laid eggs.  Later I had a visit from Great Lakes home care.  Got my vitals and set up with some simple chair exercises.  I was uplifted by flowers that my sister sent me and delivered about the same time we were texting each other.  Then Mary came over and changed my dressing.  She said the incision looks good.

I am very weak.  Can't open plastic packages that come in the mail or lift much.  Getting my smock off a hanger felt heavy.  Flipping the calendar to May felt heavy.  I can go to the bathroom and that's a big deal when your sons are caregivers and don't want to see all of mother.  This about sums up my activity.

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HAHAHA great to know. Prayers Jesus

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