Monday, August 20, 2018

My Week

Thursday evening I went to our summer bicentennial series on Civil War.  This presentation had a field trip to the Illinois Archive of flags. Many of the flags had been displayed in the Howlett Building's "Hall of Flags" before going to climate controlled storage.    This is an 1861 Confederate cotton flag with silk fringe.
 Bill Lear, presenter, is in red.  During the 1920s, the flags were sewn between pieces of black silk netting meant to prevent further deterioration, but that didn’t save them completely.
 This is a 13 star Confederate flag.  Cotton stars are glued to the canton.   There is no sleeve.
Civil War battle flags not on display, but still public

I caught Amber chasing her tail and catching that curly little thing on the end of her body.

 I know she chews everything.  Here's the seam ripper I found in my bed.

This week's obedience class assignment was to walk on steps.  Well it's pretty flat around here and I didn't think the mall was appropriate for a dog so I took her to the steps at the Lincoln Tomb.

Here's the mess I found when I came home Thursday evening after a Civil War Round Table talk on historic flags at the archives.   My glass was broken and she was so happy when I came home, she started chewing on a piece of glass.
 She ripped the welcome mat inside.
After working the beer booth at the fair, I decided to kennel Amber so she wouldn't get in trouble.  That was a long time to be kenneled.   I walked the dogs first, then I cut my long grass in the front yard because my mower was in the shop.  Then I took the girls to Petsmart for a sale on our favorite brand.  You can see Sophie in the bottom half of the shopping cart.  The man who took my picture here pointed out a half off sale on toys by Ellen. 

Saturday morning I headed out to the fair.  I was to be there by 9am.  This time dressed in my period dress for the "Looking For Lincoln" exhibit.

We had a nice breeze on the hill but that died down later.

I went down the big slide with Mr Lincoln and a park ranger.  It was fun and daring.  That made my day. 

Sunday I went to Mass with the Catholic War Veterans at Blessed Sacrament.  I should have taken a photo because it's one of the most beautiful churches.  We had breakfast and then I came home to make pizza for Sean and myself.

Now here's my Monday itinerary:  Exercise at 8am, Therapy Dog visit at Regency at 10:30, Dog training with Lisa at 1PM, Land of Lincoln Honor Flight banquet at 5PM, Obedience with Amber at 8PM. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

My Week

OMG, someone complained about Jeff Davis reenactor at the Old State Capitol last week.

 Part of our obedience assignment was to get our dogs out in public.  So I needed a few items from Lowes.
I had a friend from my exercise class accompany me on a therapy dog visit.

We've been mocking our state fair.  First, "bicentennial" is misspelled on the butter cow display, then the grandstand shows are all on Friday. LOL. 

We've even got state fair Bingo.

Friday started off bad. My mower quit half way through the back yard and I ran over to Kunz for service while Kurt Woods Plumbing picked up a garbage disposal for the leaky one I had.  I had to have all this done before 11AM.  In the afternoon was the end or our summer program, History Comes Alive, at the Old State Capitol,  I brought our comfort box and other props home.  I'll be using them again at the state fair next week.

I watched a mini-series called "Alias Grace".  It was interesting, historical fiction.  Grace notices a picture of
"Susanna and the Elders" from the Bible which I'd never heard of.

I recovered my trash bin with contact paper.
 inspired by this but I think $100 is too much.
Sunday morning after church I went to the state fair.  I set up our booth at the veterans resource fair.
Here I am with Grace Miller, president of our local WOSL unit.

Here I am with our Catholic War Veterans post commander, Pat Noel.
The day's activities closed with a veterans parade through the fair grounds.   I walked our WOSL banner with fellow veteran, Lynne Clark.  Here we are with with Illinois' favorite son, President Abraham Lincoln.
Here we are with Governor Bruce Rauner.

We were truly in good company.   I was truly dehydrated.  I didn't sleep too well the night before concerned about all the stuff I had to do.   I didn't sleep well the night before. Exhausted and hungry, I stopped at Noodles for dinner for my son and I.  I didn't know it till the following morning that I left my wallet there.  Monday I was scheduled for beer sales 11-5, then I had obedience class at 8pm.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

My Week

Soldiers Aid Society participates in History Comes Alive at the Old State Capitol.
Thursday evening I went to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library for a panel discussion by some witnesses to the 1968 riots at the Democratic Convention  in Chicago.

There was wine and cheese afterward.  I did a few selfies flirting with the characters.

Saturday I was in the color guard for the car show.

I came home for a quick change to attend a 50th wedding anniversary party for Larry and Shirley Hackman whom are members of the Central Illinois Dancers.The wedding couple showed up in a horse and carriage at Snyder Village in Metamora. 

Sunday I went to the Purple Heart ceremony in Oak Ridge Cemetery.

Here's a link to the news media that was there:

Monday I went to the Legion and it was the big meeting with the new officers and awards.  I had to cut it short for the Obedience class.We learned to wipe paws and treat, toss bean bags into a hula hoop as a distraction.

Tuesday I gave tours at the Lincoln Tomb before the flag lowering ceremony.  I'm testing out dresses that I had not worn in awhile.  I did have to let a dart panel out for this one.  I noticed after I was there that some darning is needed in one of the sheer, white sleeves.  I was the master of ceremony for the event. I had worried about the predicted rain that came at 3:30 instead of 7PM.

I am standing in this photo.  Stephanie and Peggy are on a stool.

I didn't kennel Amber before leaving for the tomb and it was a long absence.  I came home and walked her.  An hour later, I caught Amber starting to poo right in front of me on a baby quilt floor mat. Seems that pads, newspapers and throw rugs are the problem. I can't believe I caught it in time and raced her to the back yard to finish the job. Praise and treats.

I got a newsletter from Lincoln's New Salem. They got too many roosters from chicks the school that raised the Leghorns and donated them to the site. Ha. Seriously they need homes for Leghorn roosters before cock fights begin. 
The use of chickens for sport is referenced by Lincoln himself and related by Benjamin Thomas in Lincoln’s New Salem: It is said that he [Lincoln] once refereed a cockfight in which one of the roosters belonged to Babb McNabb. Babb had bragged a great deal about the fighting qualities of his bird, and it was matched with a hardy veteran of the New Salem pit. Bets ran high. When the two roosters were thrown into the pit, McNabb's, seeing his battle-scarred opponent advancing upon him, turned tail and ran. At a safe distance he mounted a fence, proudly spread his feathers and crowed lustily. Babb, paying over his wager to the owner of the victor, looked at his own bird. "Yes, you little cuss," said he, "you're great on dress parade, but not worth a damn in a fight." Years later, when General McClellan was exhausting the patience of Lincoln and the country by continually drilling and reviewing the Army of the Potomac, but persistently refusing to fight, Lincoln remembered this incident and likened McClellan to Babb McNabb's rooster. The chickens donated to LNSSHS are of the Leghorn variety. This breed was imported to the United States from the Italian city of Livorno sometime around the middle 1800s (sources vary). “Livorno” was anglicized to “Leghorn,” and the name stuck. So, our young “Italians” – what they were called until about 1865 – were probably not found in the village, but we will keep them anyway.
Why is it that I feel shut out?  I'm the last to know about family situations.  I've been open to them.  Maybe I'm too open and they are afraid to be included in my life (aka this blog).  For the same reason I've been accused of making this blog all about me by my brother so why would anyone fear that I'd write about other family member's problems?  Goodbye.   

Monday, July 30, 2018

My Week

What a week! I had my air conditioner off most of the time. How's that for July?

While giving tours on Tuesday, I got a call about my sister Kathy that she would be entering into hospice care. This is weird because I learned via a phone call at the same location a few months ago that she was diagnosed with stage four cancer.  I hate knowing she's suffering.  I found a chair for tomb that fits decor and accommodates a hoop.  It doesn't wobble and I got it at the Goodwill for $9.

I've been needing extra patience for dog training. We are making head way though.  I found out that Amber likes the hose.

Thursday evening I went to the Civil war round-table series. This is the eighth program in a special 12-part series: “Illinois and The Civil War.” Next to the Lincoln-Grant partnership, the Grant-Sherman team was the North’s “A Team” in leading the country to victory. Sherman from Ohio and Grant from Ohio and Illinois, despite their personality differences, formed a powerful bond that creatively found ways to win the war.
Friday I was at the Old State Capitol in the afternoon for History Comes Alive.  Afterward I went to the VFW and had fish while I waited to conduct the quarterly audit as a post trustee.  I was pretty tired after that and wanted to let Amber out of the kennel.

Saturday I spent most of the day at the American Legion helping with our Ron Otken Memorial Hog Roast fundraiser for the Land of Lincoln Honor Flight.  I brought my flags to attract our customers.  Dinner was served with a free will offering.  We raised close to $4,000 for Honor Flight.

The hog roast got me to reflect on the time that I was a guardian.  I told Joan about getting the Christmas Card returned in the mail that I sent to Len.  I suspected I'd find him on this website. I added photos.

Sunday I did the reading at Mass.

Sunday I called my sister and she's not doing too well.  I don't have much to say in her condition so all I could think of was the memory of my first pedicure when Patty and I visited.   I told her that I still had some of the sparkly polish on my toe nails. 

We had a lot of rain Sunday.  We needed it.
All this rain has put a set back in the consistency of Amber's potty training.  Amber seems to obey better in the training environment than when I'm home training her one-on-one.  I did get out the pinch collar for her pulling.

I've been doing some closet cleaning and downsized 2 of my Civil War dresses that I no longer need.  I sold them through facebook online garage sales.  Let's working on clearing some more. 
I did take this photo at the Lincoln Tomb on Tuesday evening.  Its normally my camp dress but I added the bonnet to dress things up a bit.
Let's see what the first week of August brings. Blessings to all.

Monday, July 23, 2018

My Week

Wednesday was back to back exercise classes with senior strength and zumba.  Here's a photo of Karen and me during our "masters program".  My sister said I'm using the wrong form so next week we'll work on that.
I wore my Sunday best for the Lincoln Funeral Hearse photo shoot for an Illinois Bicentennial Photo taken at the original site of 4th and Adams.

Here you can see the photographer lining us up.

Here's the objective however there were non-reenactors in the photo along with federal military which are not in the photo.

Thursday I took Amber and Sophie to the dog park run.  They got to socialize and play.  In the afternoon I took Sophie to Reflections.  I usually make small talk and explain that Sophie has super powers that you get when you pet her and the power goes up the arm and into your heart.  One lady said "I was afraid at first".  In the evening I went to our Civil War bicentenial series lecture on road side historical markers.

Friday afternoon I managed our Soldiers Aid Society display at the Old State Capitol.

Saturday I had breakfast at Applebees as part of the Christian Motorcycle Association's fundraiser.  Since it was close to Big Lots, I picked up a few things.  Then I went to Edwards Place to help the students making Wide Awake banners.  There were 2 previous sessions for preparation for an Aug 4th Wide Awake parade but they were held the same time as our History Comes Alive on Friday which cut our staff split between the two.
I watched  a movie ~ The Revenant ~ on FX

Sunday I read the first reading.
I was then changed into my color guard uniform for the Peace Keeper's Ride. 

News media link here:

Monday I took Sophie on a visit.  While Sophie was on the lap, a lady asked me how I trained her to do that.  Funny, belly rubs and laps come natural.  It's the other requirements that were difficult for TDI certification.
 In the afternoon I went to see Lisa's private training sessions at her home. They were all agility related.  One thing I'm learning is that there's more to training than sit, down, and come.
In the evening I took Amber to her training class.  It was her second but owners came without dogs for the first session.  I go into the class with a wild puppy that's overly fascinated with all the scents.   Amber seems more interested in savaging for treats on the floor left by the previous class than what I brought in my pouch.  I don't know how I'll have the patience for the "loose leash" exercise.  She seems to enjoy the the "leave it" game with a treat in an open/closed hand and rewarded when she backs off. 

I finished my Service and Patriotic report for the Women's Overseas Service League and submitted my report.  I am the national chairman for that but disappointed that our unit was the only one that turned in a report.   Now to finish a nomination for Illinois 200 veteran nomination and a presentation on the Land of Lincoln Honor Flight for Daughters of the American Revolution in January.

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